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need urgent tire choice for parents car

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my mom's 2001 camry 4cyl failed inspection today cause we need new tires. my dad's been buying tires from costco and he called them and he said that they were charging him 130 bucks a tire for some michelins and i thought that was WAY too much for an economy tire. the stock ones are dunlop sport 4000's in 205/65/15. suggestions for good quality (treadwear and safety should be main concern) tires that are cheap? the car's driven like a turtle so performance is not important, just need a good value tire. thanks
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Michelin is not supposed to be cheap ! But it is also the top range for tires...
The 130$ a tire ones have super grip. They grip very well. I've seen i think 200 dollar ones. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

They have test data as well as user reviews for just about every tire they carry. It helped me find the best ultra-high perf all-season tire for under $100.

- Paul
buy blemishes - save a load there

Do a search on EBay, pay with PayPal.
I bought 4 new Michelin tires with awesome tread for $110 us. Look into used tires. If you go to the right places, they are as good as new. And a fraction of the cost.
If you just need to pass inspection, like you do. And you don't need performance tires, like you don't. Just go to Fleet Farm or any other place like that. They will carry some standard tires that will be perfect.

They always have long tread life and are cheap. It's all you need:thumbup:
call some local tire shops, usually they'll give you the normal price for one tire, but if you buy 4 they'll knock off like 15-20$ a tire...
Phi said:
I've heard great things from Mich. HydroEdge
These own for daily street driving. Esp. obviously in the rain.
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