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New 04 Corolla owner

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Hey fellas, just bought an 04 Corolla Type S with a moonroof/sunroof. Took me a while to find this exactly car. Now I just need to tint the windows add some HID headlights 6000k and some speakers for my kenwood double din stereo I installed in it. If anybodies what speakers give a good sound let me know please. Thanks guys
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I have a 10th Gen S, not sure if the 9thGen uses different speaker sizes, but I recently upgraded my sound system. I put Alpine Type-S 6 1/2 and 6x9's for the speaker swap. These speakers sound really good for the highs of the song, but it lacks a lot of bass. So I installed one Alpine Type-R 12" subwoofer, and I get a lot of "bump" from it and i just love it.

Also, your Corolla is just a Corolla S! Not a Type-S lol.. were not Honda/Acura lol.

Oh and :welcome:!

Heres a few pics of my set-up:

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