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New '11 3.5 SE ! - Haven't been here since '07

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Back in May I took delivery of a 2011 white 3.5 SE. Wow, this car is amazing for the price. I joined here back in 2003 when I had manual transmission versions of a '93 V6 SE and '00 V6 LE 5spd manual. Jan. 2007 I leased an '07 Mazda CX-7. What a waste of monthly payments that was. It's DBW throttle was programmed to give very little output in 1st gear making for very annoying around town driving and the gas mileage was just horrible!! The turbo would smoke on and off. Basically that CX7 was just plain slow for the price that they sell the thing for. After the CX7 lease, i leased an '09 Subaru Legacy 2.5 5spd manual (non-turbo) and around town, the non turbo Subaru was much quicker than the overpriced and annoying CX7.

Finally we come to the 2011 3.5 SE leather/sunroof/JBL pack. Just awesome. I already installed the K&N Typhoon intake. This thing sounds mean. Just for the record. My friend has a '09 Accord V6 6spd manual coupe and I out accelerated him on two runs (on closed/safe/private road of course) We did a 0-70mph ish, then we did 60 - 125mph ish. So rest assured ur new V6 Camry is quicker than most cars out there.

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hit me up via pm. we have lots of mini meets and larger meets in north jersey are in areas like edgewater and bergen county. would be nice to have another camry join the crew. most mini meets are done via me and a few others by txt.
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