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New 1983 Celica GT Coupe owner

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what's up everyone!
as of 7/23/04 I am now the proud owner of a 1983 Silver Celica GT 5spd w/150k.
weird thing is... I did a car fax report and it came up that my GT says GTS on the car fax. it has fender flares like a GTS but no wing.
anywayz..... does anyone have some resources on where I can get parts for my car.... like:

spark plug wires, some ngk ones would be nice, some headers.... iono.. whatever you guys wanna throw at me would be cool.

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Sweet, 3rd gens are the sh*t.

The 3rd gen never had a spoiler on any of the trim levels. Does it have a solid rear axle or independent suspension, that will tell you if it's a GT or GTS.

For parts, look around there out there.
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