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Apparently this is required by the rules that I post here.. hehe. Anyone want to tell me why my sig isn't working? I do believe it's bigger than 500 pixels- but smaller than 20k.

Anyway.. the car..

1997 Celica GT convertible, 5sfe engine

At the current point, I'm working on a T3/T4 turbo setup, but give me a couple months.

What I've done is mostly interior.

Xenarc 700TSV touchscreen with a powerbook G4, also an SNES and an N64- had to relocate the head unit.. It's not done yet- the monitor still needs to be molded into the dash.

Also have a decent sound system.. Alpine and JL audio.. uhh..

any other questions? I'm going to do a hardcore tech post in the techy forum.

As for me: 20 year old college student, making money doing post production work in LA

F'ing 3sgte swap ARGH!!!!
Celica 6th Gen Convt
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:thumbup: beautiful car,

i jus got mine not long ago, 1996 white convertible 25th yr anniversary edition
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