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new 86 owner

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hello i just recently got myself an 84 corolla for 500. Im pretty pleased with it but it sure gonna need some work. I just got few maintenance done, like spark plugs wire set and oil change. And boy did she need a change bad never seen oil come out so thick lol. But i having some problems that i cant put my head to. For some reason my car seems to shut off sometimes, like when i got to a light it shut off when i began to brake, and sometimes when just driving normal making a turn it would just die on me. So i dont know what it is? also its a caburetor model
Another problem im getting is i can shift through gears smoothly but when im at a stop and want to get to reverse i get grinding, is it my clutch giving up already? i have tried double pumping the clutch but no works
The other thing i have a hose on the center of the pic that i cant figure out where it goes to?

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the grind could be the clutch master/slave cylinder, or a conbination of both, if eithger are losing pressure the clutch wont disengauge properly, or it could be a possibility that the clutch is letting go, there also might be some air in you clutch system, try bleeding it
The huge hose that goes over the alternator is one of your A/C lines. On a side note that bell looking thing is your Air Suction System/emission control device.
mine has the same shutting off problem as yours. when slowing down if you putin the clutch and slightly give it some gas it seems to stop it but dunno what causes it
If ur ignition control module is bad, that will cause ur car to die at random times. People come in with that problem all the time, and more than often, thats the problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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