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New '92 GT!!! Brake warning light on & need a new fender

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Just got a fantasitic beautiful black '92 GT hatchback in tip top shape and drove it from San Diego to Vegas and back this weekend. What a great ride!

Issue #1: I got the car for $2500 (all maintenance records, babied, 156k...), partly because it has a nasty ding square in the middle of the driver side front fender (hit while parked). I plan to swap the thing out -- any good recommendations on a source? Anyone got one used?

Issue #2: The brake warning light slowly came on (faded in over 500 miles -- weird). The level is fine, and the brakes work fantastic. Any ideas what's going on?

Thanks! I'm gonna have this car for a long long time.

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for many toyota's the brake light and the battary light come on if the alternator is about to go. the break light came on for my celica and supra when the alternator went out.

I noticed that my headlights dim just a tiny bit when I hit the brakes -- could also be evidence of an alternator about to go.

OEM the only way to go, or is there a good, cheap alternative (rework?)

I'll give it a test today.


and welcome to the Gen5 club.

(best dam lookin celicas they ever made, club)

the Hatch is a realy nice looking one as well. (Thats what i got)

if u have any questions just ask.
Welcome to TN and like Zrain said, to The 5th Gen club. :D

If your lights dimm down when pressing the brakes or when the blinkers are on the problem are;

1.- Voltage regulartor, housed inside the alternator, so yes, you have to take it all out. Just get to whole thing serviced if needed.

2.- Alternator itself. You can get it serviced, Celica alternators are not like most other alternators that are sealed and non serviceble... you can get parts needed at your local Toy dealer (or at least here I can)

And remember... a Celica is not a Celica unless it has pop up lights :D
lcarocha said:
And remember... a Celica is not a Celica unless it has pop up lights :D
AMEN to that.
Okay, I checked the alternator -- 13.8V dead nuts. No AC coming through that my cheapie multimeter could detect.

I reset the ECU (detatched the battery for 20+sec) -- no change.

One other thing I failed to mention before -- my idle speed seems a bit low, close to 600rpm. It shakes a bit when the AC comes on.

Any more ideas? Sure doesn't seem like it's the alternator to me.


P.S. I agree -- this is the best looking celica out there (particularly love the black!)
Welcome to TN, Bout your first issue, I have a black driver side fender if your interested. Im in Mississauga, Ontario, so It would have to be shipped. Message me if your interested.
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