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New Avalon Owner in Chicago

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Howdy y'all :)

My wife and I are the proud second owners of two XLS Toyota Avalons, a 2003 and a 2004. I got the 2003 first as part of a business plan, I'm getting my real estate license and needed a nice car to take clients around in. She liked the Avalon so much that she decided she wanted one too. As luck would have it they are the same color, silver, too. Other than that we are just a middle class couple in the Midwest, trying to make a good life for us and our daughter =D
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Welcome to the nation! As a fellow Avalon owner I can certainly appreciate how much you enjoy your Avalons. I enjoy mine most on long road trips where it's very comfortable for the driver and it gets some fantastic gas mileage for its size. I'll admit, though, that since getting my Highlander I don't drive the Avalon as much, but I still get her on the open road as often as I can.
Welcome! :)

I'm sure your clients will appreciate being driven around in such a nice car. There's a lot of help available here if you need it, and plenty of interesting things to learn about both of your Avalons :cool:

Enjoy the forums! :chug:
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