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Hello everyone,

I currently own a 2004 HL, V6 AWD...I just recently had my 35,000 Mile servicing done and the dealer told me that my brakes need to be changed soon. He told me the front brakes are down to 2mm and the rear is at 4mm. They were about to charge me $250 for each set ($500 for both sets plus labor). I opted to buy my own parts looking for a better deal. I have a good friend who can put in the new stuff that I order.

Well, the reason I posted was to find out if someone could recommend a good brand or a website that I can order Brake pads and/or Brake rotors/discs...I'm a relatively passive driver so paying the extra price for premium racing parts isn't worthwhile for me. Basically, something that has good quality and a decent price would be right for me...unless someone has another suggestion, (The OEM brakes worked just fine for me). Thanx for any help folks.
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