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New Bulbs/Side Mirror Issues

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First off, when I got bought my Corolla the fog light bulbs were removed. He apparently didn't want me to get much lol (he removed a decent amount of stuff). The low beams are halogen/white bulbs, maybe even Silverstar type bulbs, so I want fog lights to match. I am looking for suggestions. I can get Silverstar ones but those are like 35 bucks for a two pack and it may be a while before I got that far (still need to get a new grille and muffler), so if anyone has some decent alternatives it would be appreciated.

Secondly, the side view mirrors won't adjust. When I got the car and off and on since I have had it, the right mirror will adjust a bit sometimes, but not always. The driver side never does. Is this more likely to be a fuse issue or wiring? If fuse does anyone know where I can find a diagram showing which fuse is for the mirrors?

EDIT- Oh yea, forgot. Are the AC/Temperature knobs supposed to be backlit? I have seen occasional pictures of people with colored instruments/knobs and got to wondering. The arrow on the knob is also a separate white piece which also made me curious.
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Le bump? Don't mean to spam just don't want my questions to potentially go unnoticed by anyone who has an answer.
1. If you want a white bulb, the Silverstar Ultra is probably the one to get. Still, you don't get as much light out of these as you do with even a standard halogen bulb. I would recommend any of the high efficacy bulbs out there, such as the GE Nighthawk or Philips Vision Plus or Silvania Xtravision. I actually have high beam bulbs modified to fit into my low beam housings. And I have Xtravision versions of the high beams in there. There's a LOT of light. But because the bulbs are still halogen bulbs, they're aimed correctly with the correct pattern. For the fogs, I have GE Nighthawks in mine. If you're looking for white, get the Silverstars, but again, you won't get as much light out of them, and you'll most likely experience a shorter life span.

2. I don't now what to say about the mirrors. Possibly a bad switch or motor in the mirror. Probably the switch, if one side works but only intermittently.

3. The HVAC knobs themselves are back-lit, but just the little arrowhead on the dial. On the rest of the HVAC panel, all the colored markings are lit, such as the mode selector (panel, defrost, etc), the temperature selector, and the fan speed selector. If none of your lights are working, the bulbs may be gone from there, too...but I think they're small LEDs, so it'd be odd for them to be missing.
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As for the bulbs, I plan on getting some of those vinyl stick on covers for the lights, so would the light color ultimately matter? I am not totally sure what color I am going to go with, probably blue or purple or something. The fog lights are more for show and so people can better see me coming in foggy weather. Oh yea, does anyone know where I can find the light covers?

I pulled off my instrument panel, and in between the temp knob/fan speed and the mode/fan speed there are two little holes, one has something that looks like blue plastic sticking out of it a bit and the other is empty. Is this where the bulbs should be? If so should there just be wires in the guts somewhere where I can just plug up some new LEDs or am I going to need to do some soldering?
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