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New camry owner

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Hi to all,
Bought a 2011 camry le, 4 cylinder, for a wife. Its a white on beige and I'm picking it up in 2 hours. Realy nice forum with lots of info here. Coming from a Honda family but hey I went from one extream to the other, traded my 06 s2000 with only 5k miles for a 09 sienna, LOL., and now camry will shine on my driveway too. :D
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Congratulations on the new Camry! :chug: It's a great car that will serve you for many years and hundreds of thousands of miles if needs be. Glad to have you sign up with us here on Toyota Nation. Any questions at all, just ask. :thumbsup:
Welcome aboard! :hi:

The Camry sounds nice. There is a lot of helpful information available here so I'm sure you'll learn many new things about your ride. Feel free to post some pics sometime too :D

Happy motoring, and once again, welcome to the forums :thumbsup:
Thank you guys. To tell you the truth I was a little down that I coudn't get a v6 just like my 09 sienna, but on the other side, I'm very impressed with the performance of that little I4 but mostly of the performance on 6 speed auto tranny. Driving at 110KM/H it kept the rpms. under 2k., no wonder its good on gas. I will post pictures when I clean her up a little, I didn't allow a dealer to install a swirl marks for free :D. I'm planing to coat her with few coats of Zaino that is just screaming to touch that virgin. Anyway, now I'm going to my garage to check her up one more time.
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