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new Camry

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Hi all...

We just got this 1991 Camry DX. it's a 4 cyl. & it only has 75k miles on it. It has a few kinks in it, the alignment's off & sometimes as you accelerate, it stutters, the distributor cap is new, i'm not sure what the problem is, any ideas? Well, it's still not bad for $700 & i have the '88 Camry Wagon which has a lot of problems, so wost comes to worst, i can pull parts from there. i took some pix of here it is...

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damn. thats clean. ur problem im guessing distributor? mine is having the similar problem and its my distributor. considering normal tune up, check ur timing.
Its probably a crack ignition coil, but could be the distributor rotor or plugs. Does the problem get worse with wet weather?

I don't know about bad weather, I haven't had it that long but once the engine heats up, it's okay...
Well...we've solved the stuttering problem for the most part. We initially thought it was the starter & the distributor cap, but it turned out to be the spark plugs. The gap was too big so it was getting the proper spark sometimes, so we fixed the gap & now, it starts fine & the hesitation is mostly gone. Now, we just gotta get alignment & rebuilt the distributor cap & it'll b perfect. I have to take out the clock out of the '88 b/c the clock in the '91 doesn't work. I checked the fuses & the fuse for the clock, cigarette lighter & some other stuff so i checked the cigarette lighter & it works so then that means the clock is out. Any1 have any suggestions on how I would get around the steering column? I'm gonna take apart the '88 1st & then I'll go to the other one once I can figure out how to get around the steering column...any ideas on how to get around it, I'm open for suggestions.
As long as you have a DX/LE (tilt steering colum), it is a simple job. 5 screws hold the gauge cluster surround in place, 4 hold the gauge cluster itself in place and then you can pop the clock out.

i think it looks pretty good myself
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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