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New Corolla Owner. Help with upgrades, tips, mods.

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Hello! I am a proud new Ae92 corolla owner! I purchased a mint 5-speed SR5 coupe, 4AFE with 122,000 miles and I love it! I'll have some pictures of it up tomorrow.

I'm quite new to the scene and just looking for some tips or info on these cars. I have a long list of plas for the car over the next year of so. This could be a on-going slow build thread. I am looking to keep this as my DD. I want something that I can track everyonce and a while, but mostly a street car.

First off, I'm looking for people critique my plans, let me know what i'm doing wrong and what I need or should do.

Exhaust - I am having 2 1/4" piping bent from cat and welded to a muffler.

Suspension - Currently I'm not looking to do coilovers, just springs. I have read Apex and ebiach are top springs. I also saw that Intrax springs but do not know of the quality.
- Sway bars/ Strut bars. What is the difference? I have seen the whiteline sways for about $180 and have herd good things about them. I can make strut bars but what kinds of gains would they yeild?

Intake - Some sort of CAI or SRI. Open to ideas.

Exhaust Manifold - I have seen the pacesetter ones but I'm not so keen on the quality. Any info?

Exterior Modifications
- GTS side skirts
- Sidemarkers
- Mudflaps
- Eventually a Levin front end. (what is needed for this conversion? Lights, bumber, hood?)
- Window tint 15% back windows and 25% on the front.

Rims/Tires - Havent decided on any setups yet, I'll most likely go with a 15" or 16" both x 7. Colors? Black, Bronze, gunmetal. What offset whould I look for?

- TRD Quickshifter
- Steering wheel. Is the ebay, small racing wheel for Ae92's decent?
- maybe seats, eventaully.

Future Plans
- 4AGZE swap or 20v Blacktop swap
- Or keep stock motor and do FI.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and assist!
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cool A newb that has actually done his homework !! First off you have an SR5 which will make things a bit more difficult when you modify since it isnt the GT-S..... But! sounds like you plan on replacing alot of things anyways so it really doesnt matter...

Exhaust- sounds good! A good header that you should also consider is the OBX header By far one of the best mods i did to my car ! Really Deepened the exhaust note!

Suspension- You are correct Apex & Eibach are very good springs but many have said that the eibachs dont have enough drop.. but thats not what eibach designed them for anyways... they give alot better handling & a "slight" drop but not enough to loose all that wheel gap ; )
Swaybars tighten up your body roll when you turn right or left.... Strut bars are the fancy bars under the hood that connect to the left & right strut mounts...

Exterior - side skirts will add alot to the SR5 !! i would love to see you do this.... when u install them make dam sure they are sealed up well !!! you dont want water getting in an rusting out everything like you will see on most GT-S's when you remove the skirts...
Sidemarkers are personal preffrance i guess
Mudflaps ! ive removed mine & will never go back !

Engine ideas another personal prefferance i think... some will vouch for 1 or the other... i did the 4agze since i track my car & DD my car Its a great motor with factory reliability..& the SC sounds sweet ; )
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I dont see why people here don't like carburetors, if you turbo and engine with a carb you can run more boost vs. an FI engine, why? Il tell you. When gasoline enters the intake runners in an FI application it enters as a mist, so it doesn't need to draw in as much heat from the surrounding air to become a combustible vapor(liquid gas does not burn). As for in a carbed application the gas enters the venturis in very large droplets, which means it needs to draw more heat from the surrounding air to become a combustible vapor, the carb works like a chemical intercooler. The leading reasons as to why you cant run too much boost is because of pre-detonation or knocking, caused by the air fuel mixture either being to hot or by coming in contact with a hot spot in the combustion chamber and having an inadequate octane level for the amount of boost yur running. HEHE im starting to sound like my father, i guess iv been around old greasers too long.

Well man I cant wait to see yur car! Sounds like you have got yur mind set, now all you need is to do it. Oh and if you never had a turbo in mind or any sort of boost, just forget that little rant. EFI is much more efficient in any scenario. I just love to keep things simple and have more power than i need, even tho i know i don't need it... well good luck and be sure to tell me bout any mods and how they work out. Im putting a cold air intake on my car this weekend and a custom hood scoop and vent.
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yeah, I'm genuinely impressed. you seem to not be retarded :)

Exhaust - custom exhausts are always nice. I have an HKS sport exhaust and love it, it's sounds great and doesn't look like a fart can.

Suspension - I have B+G spings which I heard are comparable to APEX, but I've never tried the apex ones. they apex ones are pretty hard to get, I tried for a while and after months of being on back order the box opened in the mail and I had to get refunded :p, so I just went with the b+gs. eibachs I'm sure are nice, but don't drop the car enough for me.
- I have a whiteline strut bar that I think worked wonders (it could just be my imagination though.) I think it stiffened up the whole front end really well. most people just run oem gts strut bars, but I got tired of looking for a cheap one.
- I have a whilteline rear sway bar that I haven't installed yet so I can't tell you how nice it is, but it looks nice lol. basically they make the car not roll as much by connecting both sides of the suspension. the SR5 already has a stock rear one, but it's really small. rear ones tend to make the car oversteer more while front ones make it understeer more.

Intake - I would hold off until you do your engine swap (or something else), I doubt you'd get much gains with the carb. K&N makes a drop in filter for it that's probably pretty good I haven't tried it, the carb already has somewhat of a CAI though.

Exhaust Manifold - pacesetter is the worst company ever lol. Their header for the rx-7 actually makes less hp than the stock manifold. I would wait till you get a 4A-GE (I don't think the same headers bolt up, someone correct me if I'm wrong) or get a custom one for the 4AF.

Exterior Modifications - these are all personal preference so do whatever you want, I know for the levin front end you at least need the fenders too.

Rims/Tires - I've heard around +40 is good for the offset. someone else can probably get more specific on this.

- TRD Quickshifter - these are nice, but they're designed for right hand drive, so some people might not like where the actual shift knob ends up (it's off to the right to be closer to a RHD driver) But I definitely think it helped tighten up the shifter really well and you get a neat shift knob with it :) .

Future Plans
you'd probably be happier with either motor. a lot less hassle and more reliable than a turbo. Which one you get totally depends on what you prefer, they have very different power delivery characteristics.
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Thank you all for the help! I really appreciate it. I may have listed my motor wrong, because it is the 16 valve with EFI. I really do not want a Ricey exhaust sound, so hopefully the muffler I have, an aftermarket one(from a integra dc9) is not too bad.

Also, what kind of fuel economy are you guys getting? On my first tank, completly full on 87 octane I only got about 17mpgs. I think driving habits may have had a major affect but could they affect it that much?
lol ohh wow thats low haha yea dont rev over 3500 an see what you get for milage lol
Ahh, I didn't realize you had a newer SR5, I feel dumb now.

well I'm pretty sure the same applies for the header, I think the 4A-F and 4A-FE have the same manifold bolt pattern.

I have no idea who makes intakes for AE92s, I've never looked into it.

My 4AF gets between 28 and 35 mpg, and I drive it hard as crap. (I kind of want it to die so I can swap the engine lol, but it just takes it and keeps on going... I don't mind) One time I drove it really easy to see what I could get and I got 39.5 mpg in mixed driving. I've gotten over 40mpg on long highway trips... try replacing your o2 sensor to start along with normal maintenance like air filter, spark plugs, maybe an oil change. it should get you into the upper 20s :)
for the 4AFE I believe there are some Civic intakes that actually fit, Xenon an old member and ex AE92 SR5 owner had one on his car, look for his page on cardomain.

cosmoracing might have one for the 4AFE, I know they have one for the 4AGE but I'm not certain if they had one for yours. :dunno:
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