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2001 Corolla LE
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Hey everyone,

My name is Tony and I'm from Boston. I'm the new owner of a 2001 Corolla LE. This is my second Corolla/Prizm. My first was a 95 Prizm which I got to 271K miles. I do 90% of the maintenance/modifications to my cars my self. That 10% is engine rebuilds and tire work. I also have a 1990 Nissan 300ZX TwinTurbo, and a 91 parts car (totaled in Jan 06). That's my toy, my Rolla is my DD.

But just because she's a DD doesn't mean she can't be fun. I've got basic performance plans, including suspension and brake work, with little effort on the power end of things. I've got some new stereo gear going in, and I get to use the old box I built for my Geo.

I'm really knowledgeable about audio selection and installation, and I have a good general understanding of how to work on the Corollas. I'm a Mechanical Engineer who's loved cars since I could see.

I hope to be able to contribute to and learn from this as I have the other Z forums I frequent.

See you around,
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