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New Corolla (to me!!)

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Hello hello! Just purchased a 93 corolla with 75,000 miles. This is my umpteenth used vehicle, so I know I should do all the basic maintenance right off the bat (oil, trans fluid/filter, fuel filter, plugs, wires, air filter, flush anitifreeze, and timing belt, did I miss anything?). My question would be is there anything model specific on these cars that needs attention? I know the timing belt should be and will be done. Anything else?

Side note, I just finished school in Michigan and got a job in Georgia :clap: and I managed to total out my car before I even got my first paycheck. :whatwhat: Nothing like having to battle with insurance companies on top of moving out of state. I may sue this idiot's insurance company if it comes down to it. /rant
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