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Hey everyone i just bought my second new Toyota Saturday. I purchased a 2010 Toyota Corolla S. Its more of a commuter car at this point but i have some plans for it! I had a 2007 FJ Cruiser before but sadly it has gone on to Toyota heaven care of a drunk driver! It will be missed. Hopefully my corolla will bring me many enjoyable miles like my FJ did!

Here is a quick pic at the dealership


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:welcome: to the nation!

Congrats on the purchase of the Corolla S! I've always liked that shape. Hopefully will own one someday (although by that stage the 2020 model will probably be out, lol). Looks great in silver. Sorry to hear about your last ride. Drunk drivers really grind my gears. But on the bright side you've got a sparkly new Corolla to drive :)

The Corolla forums here are extremely active, so you're bound to learn a lot about your new ride.

I hope you enjoy yourself here at TN :chug:
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