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I did a search on the topic, and did lots of reading. Nothing realy answered my questions.

Here is my story: 1999 Camry 4cyl, auto. 75,000 miles. Put in new monroe sensa-trac front struts, and new upper strut mounts. Bolted everything in to proper torque. Drove car, not much noise at first. Then after two weeks front suspension was just as noisy as before.

I know I have everything in right, I've done this type of work before on a celica. I rechecked everything, even the sway bar links. Loosend the upper strut mounting bolts and the center strut mounting bolt and retorgued everything. But I still have the noise!!!

What should I do? Should I try tightening the center strut mounting bolt to a higher torque? I just don't want to wreck the bearing?

:thumbdown this isn't something we all should have to live with.:thumbdown
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