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New Fuel components vs. HKS AIC??

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Ok, I just purchased a Greddy Intercooler w/Spaul Fan from a private user and he is throwing in his AIC with 2 injectors... Additional Injector Controller. I dont know what brand it is, but the only one I can find anything on is the HKS.

Now, I had planned on getting 550cc Supra Injectors and a 255lph Fuel Pump for my MR2 with the Hydra Nemesis for control... and I was debating weather or not I needed a new fuel rail with the injectors when I had a thought.... what If I dont need all this??

Does anyone have any experience with AIC's on how they work or how efficient they are? I think its got the extra injector in the intake pipe close to the manifold.. im not really familiar with this type of thing, so I dont even know if thats a good idea to be spraying gas thru the intake manifold, but maybe im wrong... I think im already going to be spraying the juice thru there, so is thtat going to be a problem spraying the extra fuel too?

Maybe I can just sell this thing and not worry about it, but I wanted to get some feedback first.
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I would not bother with the AIC and extra injectors.
It's just added complexity.
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