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New Gauges look great, so does the airbag light

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put the reverse indis on tonite...look amazing (took the condoms off the bulbs) with the dimmer all the way down...anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of that ugly yellow light seeping from around the indiglos and making them look great...another thing happened...when i started the car, the airbag light came on and continued to stay this a problem? how much for the dealership to use that key to reset it?...thanks (pics coming soon in a whole update on my car:thumbup:
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well from what i've heard reseting the button is mainly put the key in and thats all. shouldn't cost that much. but i mean the airbag light came on. maybe you might of done something slightly to a sensor. Lights normally go on for a reason. i really wanna see your pictures of the gauges. did you have any issues with the wiring it self. isaw that you had an issue with the whole needle. how did you get around that.
I did something pretty ghetto with my reverse glow gauges to stop light bleeding. I built a shield around the perimeter of each gauge with some pieces of blue painters tape (it is opaque and thin). Cant you reset the airbag light by disconnecting you batt for a few min?

- Paul
i'm disapointed you could of used the search button for the air bag light :disappoin
I think no less than 30 of us here had the airbag light go's been discussed at least 15 times here....
I have no clue what would make that happen. I've done three gauge installs and never had an airbag light problem.
My light did the same thing. Aaron said his did the same thing also. I have no idea why.
you learn to live with it after a while...even feel lonely without it
i'm curious as to a good way to stop the light bleeding too. does anybody have any more ideas on how to prevent the lights from bleeding onto the gauges?
The airbag light has been discussed before. Its pretty easy to reset it just do a search. Not sure on the bleeding though
Is there any other way on how to keep the air bag lights off other than doing stuff with the battery or removing the bulb?

i need the airbag light off soon.. going for inspection
Light Bleeding

I simply removed the acutal bulbs!!! And used those holes where the bulbs go to run the wiring from the indiglo's. So that way, no light bleeding, and no cut holes!!
Taking those lights out doesn't affect the 'LIGHTS' indicator, that is for the exterior.
Try It!
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