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Reversed Tailights.

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New Gen 3 tailight idear...

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Well, after seeing how "Tony The *Camry God* Tiger" Did his tailights, I've been wanting to bite his idea like a ethiopian wanting to tear into a chicken. I finnally found the L.e.d. lights I need for it. After much thought I decided to use the oem lights, just do a "red out" Now whats going to be different about mine is this. Instead of mounting them to the housing, Im going to mount the l.e.d.s to the inside of the lense and seal the outer edge. If I can fit a stock bulb behind the L.e.d. light im going to use that as my running lights,*giving a glowing effect with a black circle where the LED sits.* I will use the L.e.d.s as my brake/turn/hazards. The ones closest to the garnish panel will be brake lights as oem, the turn signals will be in the same place as oem, How ever the Hazards will be all four lights. I devised this plan last night at work, came to me out of no where. So im thinking itd look pretty cool to have a reversed tailight set up. What are your thoughts?
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I had posted something on these lights a long time ago. A company in europe makes something called the "Afterburner" taillight. It looks like this:

or like this:

Anywho i they want a hell of a lot of money for the units themselves, but if people were interested maybe a group buy or something can be setup or sending them a set of tail lights and having them make a bunch.
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Too tricked out of my blood. I like my simple ones. They fit my Camrys big ass well :)
reverse is kinda cool:)
They will not look like that at all! Those are pretty cool, just not my bowl of soup. What they will look like is this. There will be a Circle dead center of the brake light as well as the turn signal that will not light up when the lights are on. How ever when I step on the brake, signal or hazards....the L.e.d.'s will light up with the glow of the regular bulb surrounding the LED panel. When the brakes, turn,hazards are off how ever, all you will get is the stock glow of the lights....minus a 4 inch circle of dark.
It will look like I did something to make only the outer edges light up. I hope thats a better explenation
Basicly, its gunna be just like Tonys....except im goin to make the entire tail light light up when the lights are on, and make the L.e.d.s come on only when the brake, turn, or hazards are on. So just imagine the stock glow around the L.e.d. lights that tony has.....with out the L.e.d. being lit up. That should explain it.:hammer:
get to work on it!! sounds pretty cool!
Ahh ok, so kinda like the reverse of the lgiths i have, so bassically, you have them mounted in the stock area and the led units in there too. So when you run normal, you see the 2 circles, adn then when you use turns/hit breaks it fills in all around the units?
:thumbup: should be nice
Yeup!. Im gunna start on this mod after I get my long awaited Is300 rims put on. Im hoping for next week sometime. So mabey a few weeks before I even start.
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