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new grille for my gen5 - pix

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that's sweet. I like the blue color too. I must have a blue fetish.
grill gets :thumbup: :thumbup: could use some springs but all in all it looks good
Nevermind the grill. Any more pics of that chick in the background? :D
how about more pics of the hottie AND the car posin together;)

we're prolly droolin on his woman, lol but don't worry man, its a compliment
yea screw the car more pics of that blondie behind it lol

yea ncie grille, more pics of her:thumbup:
I agree with getting the girl to pose with the car, maybe in a bathing suit:naughty:???

The grill looks good too by the way!:thumbsup:
what do you plan to do next? psyjoniz...
yeah yeah the grill is nice ...move the car i wanna see the chick:eek:
^ you mean "SHE looks good" :lol:

blah yeah. that looks nice...i wanna get one...or just make my own using the stock grill...cut out the inside, leaving the chrome border and place to stick grill mesh on...i would still have the toyota badge where your grill is a whole thing...
friend photoshopped a grill for me..first pic...but i prefer a black mesh...
both look good but i like the black better also, and right hand drive very cool:D
damn - i never got notice of people replying to this thread - DOH!

anyway - the rims cost like 2.5k i think - i told the dealership they had to throw them in or no deal so i didn't actually pay for them - of course i'm sure i did pay for them somewhere in the deal but i didn't see the price :rolleyes:

and yea - thats my girl:


ya - i know it needs to be lowered - thats next on my list ;)
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nice deal on the rims, and congrats ur girl looks real good

any more pice, i thought i should ask for everyone else out there
Your new sig got my attention. Just wanted to say that your car and gurl look good :)
Wheels and Grillz look hot! :thumbup:
yes...nice and clean and not overly bling. ^_^
I am going to get a girlfriend and have you pos on my car lol

You guys will be in aww....i am going to you'll see Zoni.....YOu'll see
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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