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new guy, 5sfe questions

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hey guys, im new here. I hate to start asking so soon but i have no other choice. Before i start i wanna let u guys know that i perform a serach on the forum an my problem wasnt fully cover on the threads that i found. sorry if im beating a dead horse, but any help be appreciated.

Ok, i have a 1990 celica gts, 5sfe. i have cold and wet starting problems. if is raining or humid outside my car wont start, it has spark and gas( i can smell it pretty quick after cranking, like if the engine was flooded). when im cranking and i let go of the ignition(from start to on) the car sputters, makes noises and white smoke comes out the intake tube, after around 3 times of like 10 second cranking and doing this the car starts but really slow! i guess is burning all the extra fuel! after i warm up the car it works perfect, no more starting problems until it cools down. Something i notice, maybe matters maybe not, is that when the car is warming up, i hold my foot on the gas and the idle is nice and steady as soon as the temp gauge moves a lil, the car's idle starts rocking up and down, if i free rev it wont do it, but if i keep racing the idle (in park) when it goes around 1500 to 2000 starts cutting out like is hitting a rev limiter, once i pass 2000 it revs nicely.

For what i been able to pick around in the forum a coolant temp sensor is suspicious and maybe an injector or two are not fully working, any ideas be really appreciated, im in chicago and is cold as hell, i dont wanna start testing without any ideas. if this doesnt work, the body is paid for and in really nice condition, leather, power all, nice clean body, i would make it rear wheel drive, i have chopped ford 8.8 and a 200 hp 3tc, with a holley(and this one i can tune and mess with)

Any well be welcome, thanks guys!!!!!!!!!
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