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New guy, driving ae86 virginia, dc area

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Hey guys, hows it going... Im appart of Club4ag as well but i figure i would come to another forum to help widen my search and meet new people. As the the title says, i drive an 86, corolla that i got by chance and im looking to fix up, so if anyone out there has a blue top or red top 4age, let me know! the way things are going, i REALLY want to see this car through, its my 2nd car and doing delivery driving is all i have at the moment and money isnt the hardest thing to come by, but finding resorces and people actually serious about helping others are. Hopefully this place will help me out a bit more. so if you or anyone you know has the engine or willing to trade with some cash an ae86 gts for an sr5 with cash (slim chance but like i said.. ive had such a strong desire to do this lately) PLEASE let me know. check out my profile for my email and AIM sn and such. see you guys on the forums.
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