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New guy from WV

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Hello everyone, my name is Minnis and I'm from Chapmanville WV. Tonight I bought my first ever toyota, a 96 T-100 DX RCLB 2wd. It has the 2.7 and a 5 speed manual, picked it up for $500 with 315k on the clock and still running pretty good. Seems like it doesn't want to take fuel when you "punch it" but I'll be searching to figure that problem out, hopefully it's something simple. Thanks all and have a wonderful night.
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Welcome to the Nation! Hope you get your problem fixed ASAP.
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Thanks, I searched for the problems but couldn't find anything pertaining to my engine and such so I started a thread in the T-100 section. So far I'm liking the site.
Hi Minnis, welcome to TN! :hi:

Sorry to hear about the problem you're experiencing with your T-100. I see that you've made a thread in the T-100 forum, so I hope someone is able to assist you :)

Best of luck, and enjoy the forums! :chug:
:chug: Congratulations on the new T-100, Minnis! With some good care and maintenance you ought to be able to get another 300K out of your truck. Enjoy the forums! :smokin:
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