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new guy here

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Hello all. I'm new to this forum. I recently purchased my first mr2 :thumbup: . It is a crimsom red, 1991 turbo model. It is in very good shape, is fully optioned, 5spd, new tires and aftermarket rims (migilia), custom sound system, 140,000 miles. The car has no rust or damage, minor clear coat fading in a few spots, many new parts. The engine is stock. The only real problem is leaky t-tops and torn up leather drivers seat. I will posy some pics when I get the car out of the garage this spring (I live in Buffalo, NY). I paid $5400 for the car. My questions are:

1. Is this a good price? I found it on autotrader and had to drive almost 300 miles to Albany to get it. The fact the car is so rare is part of its appeal to me, along with awesome styling.

2. anyone know where to get replacement upholstery? Or is it just easier to replace with aftermarket racing seats. I really like the oem seats and would prefer to keep them.

any help appreciated,



1970 Mercury Cougar - 1991Mr2 Turbo(photo coming soon)
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Nice find. The price seems pretty fair. I'd check ebay and the for sale sections for stock seats. The problems you have a pretty common. Welcome to the club.
Welcome to TN.. :hi: I agree with Ishcoleobo, price seems fair to me too. The best deal on new T-Top seals are on Ebay. They're 1/2 the price of the stealership.
As far as seats, Ebay again for used OEM seats or like you said, racing seats that can be found many other places. Or another option is to get them recovered at an upholstery place
I like the OEM seats too and would opt for getting them reupholstered in the material of your choice.
Great find.

I had to fly from Florida to Wisconsin to purchase my car, and drive it back down, so u are 1 step ahead.Factory Mr-2's are a rarity, and u are lucky to have one... modify it to your likings, not someone elses. Seats are fairly affordable no matter what u do. If they are leather, I would reupholster them. If they are fabric, I would ditch em, or put leather on em. Especially if u have the lumbar support, and inclining or declining legrest. Otherwise like these other guys said (EBAY). The seals are waaaay expensive, and it all depends on what u need.... there are a couple of cheap and easy ways to get out of it.,.. if u are lucky. But the seals are actually the entire door I believe, so thats why they are so expensive. This has been a topic many times b4, and u can look it up by doing a search on TN. I would also recommend that u become aquainted at as they are like a brother site to here. And they have a huge selling section. But for answers, I like this place and website better.
Cheere m8, and have great fun with the new car.
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Thanks all. I joined mr2oc. Ebay, yes I heve been looking for booth the weatherstrip and the seat stuff on there. I will probably buy the covers I see on there and recover myself.

thanks again.

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Lotta corrosion on the engine. prolly from the winter salt. Easy fix though. I have seen the weather stripping on Ebay for $148.00us compared to $280.00 from the dealership. As Zz said, they go around the top and down to the doors.
it looks like the center of the steering wheel is blue? so the airbag probably has been deployed. has the car been in an accident to you knowledge?
I believe it to be a trick of the light. it is black in sunlight. I did a carfax on the car before I purchased it and it came back clean. car drove and handled superbly. I did a pretty thourogh inspection of the undercarrige and didnt se any frame stress or welds. for a NY car it was suprisingly clean underneath, virtually no corrosion. As far as the engine corrosion goes, I plan on removing cam cover and powdercoating it along with replacing many of the other parts with dress up stuff. I have plans for the car, including paint, seats and minor engine mods, but would like to keep the stock look. The kid that sold me the car gave me a brand new manual boost controller. This stuff is very new to me. I have no experience with turbos or imports (well except the 93 probe gt I owned) but I do know they can be made to run. My muscle car friends are bound to give me a bunch of s--t, but hey, variety is the spice of life

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Looks like a good buy. You will have a blast with the car. The horsepower to weight ratio can be awesome with MR2s. They handle great also. I've had V8 muscle cars and would pick a 4 or 6 cylinder turbo any day.

What seat covering are you considering? I have two MR2 project cars now and need to do some seat work also.

You'll have lots of great resources available on these sites. Welcome!
Nice find! You'll have to ask your muscle car friends to chase you around the autocross course someday. I don't think they'll be laughing then.

Welcome to the club. Like these guys have already said, It's a great site with a ton of info and some really cool people. Enjoy the car!
wt morgan this is the ebay irem I see. $595. plus SH

Tell me what you think. there is alsoa place in Australia that says theyhave them for about $130. cheaper

^ I think that option was about $800.00 in a new MR2.. Thats a good price...
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