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Hi, new member here!

I'm a Police Officer in Aspen Colorado, and our Department is building a Hybrid to test as a possible replacement patrol vehicle. We have just purchased an 08 Hybrid that is in Denver having all of our emergency equipment mounted and installed. We are excited to test the vehicle in our rather unique conditions!

I'll take lots of pictures as soon as the vehicle is delivered, so everyone can see what we've done. We are going to have to work through some anticipated issues with the radar (electromagnetic field interference from the generator), but we have some ideas that may avoid that issue.

My first question for you all here is this; I need some kind of push bumper/grill guard/bull bar set up for the front bumper. I've seen the one from BlackHorse Offroad that has been posted here, but am wondering if any of you have come across anything else?

I'm contacting some other manufacturers to see if they have plans for one, but have not heard back as yet. I'll try to share what I find out there in the big world for accessories and equipment that might be of interest.

Wish us luck, and I'll post up pics as soon as I can get some. :clap:
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