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New guy to the forum

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Just discovered TN thru google search.

I am a 2001 early retiree working hard to do what I enjoy. It is tough but, someone has to do it.

My toyota is a 2001 Camry CE, stock as it can be.

I am just waiting for Toyota to put a diesel engine in the crew cab Tundra and it will be time to trade the pickup. I tow a 29' at 7000 lb airstream trailer and am planning to move up to a 34' at 9000lb.
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Welcome. Diesel Tundra... Hmmmmm.... hadn't really thought of Toyota and Diesel in the same thought. Good Idea!
welcome to TN:cool:

34' eh, thats huuuuge:eek: anyways, i think you may be in luck, i remember reading somewhere that toyota does have a diesel engine in the words, but i think its for a heavy duty truck, not the diesel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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