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New guy with dist. problems

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I need help!!! I have an 88 4runner and I just rebuilt the engine. The distrubitor is now causing me problems. It was a little hard to get out, but when I put it back together the real problem started. Now the thing won't go into the little hole for the shaft. I just fused the cap and rotor together. so with the shaft not fitting properly and all lined up. what do i do? Is it a press fit, interferance fit, or do i just get a big hammer and make it fit?
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Should just slide right in. What do you mean you fused it together?
Well what I ment was that when i pulled my cap off the rotor was stuck to it. Fused together the metals had just melted together. Well I went and had a shop mic my dist. and a good one, they came ou the same. so now i am back to square one. i'm gonna try to freeze it and see it that will work if they are any other suggestions i would be greatful for the help.
as far as the distributor not sliding in....

I'm not sure if its the same with toyotas (never had to dig too much under the hood) but on the engines I've tinkered with the distributor shaft mates with the oil pump shaft. if the distributor isnt going in all the way it could be that its just not lined up right with the oil pump (you'll see a notch on the very bottom of your dizzy shaft) but like I said, never dug that deep in a toyotas.

I dont know what could have caused your rotor to fuse its self to your cap though. Never seen that happen before.

But I wish you the best of luck with your 4 runner, distributor timing has never been one of my favorites.

hope my 2 cents helped.
Figured it out

Well I did some more research and found out what my problem was. Apparently the Cylinder Heads on the early V6's have intechangable heads, so each head is identical. Only diffrance is the head that holds the dist. has a hole that is machined out to 10mm and the other one is not. You can see the diffrance with the naked eye. Thanks everybody for yor help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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