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I haven't gotten around to posting on the "introduce yourself" section.

I just wanted to say that I am a fan of all things automotive. I love my Tacoma.

I am amazed at the harassment and bias that goes on in these forums by some members. It's pretty obvious that some of Toyotanation's members are nice and open to all members except:
-fans of nascar
-middle america
-southerners...or as put very clearly to me earlier, all red states.
-anyone who appreciates all vehicles, not just ones made by Toyota
-anyone open minded enough to try a domestic
-anyone wanting to have an grown up discussion about pretty much anything automotive.
-anyone who wants to avoid political discussions

I am not talking about everyone here. You know who you are. It's possible to disagree and still have a grown up discussion without attacking everyone. Morons infect every group....they just happen to be out of control here. I guess you just can't talk cars with some Toyotanation people.

If all Toyota owners treat others like this (they don't), I would have to buy a Chevy, Honda, Ford, Jeep, or VW out of principle.
I haven't decided if I want to continue posting.
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