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well... i havn't got it yet... but i have been lookin at a 1995 Celica GT 5-speed taht has 83K miles on it...

i was wondering if theres anythign i should look out for on it so that i don't go blowing my money on somthing that is gonna fall apart on me... (i own a dodge avenger now and its been a head-ache for the longest time for the entire time of owning it)

also... are there any major flaws to the 95' Celica GT... i.e. my venge, or all dodge avengers for that matter, have a chronic head gasket problem and their timing belts basically go at exactly 90K miles... are there anything like that that happens on a Celica?

so if any of you guys could help a fellow out and send me some info bout em... that'd be great... (i'm test driving it tommoz so the fastest way to get the info to me is e-mail... [email protected] ...)

Thnx guys... i hope to be cruisin around in a pimp celica if all the info is good :)
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Umm..... 5sfe is a pretty reliable engine and is used in a variety of Toyota cars. Before I swapped mine out for a 3sgte it had 155k miles and was running very strong. There are a lot of people with 200 - 250k+ on their 5sfe's.

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just take a good look at it...make sure that their are no leaks anywhere...when test driving..feel the car..make sure their are nothing wrong with it...see if car is aligned..etc...check the shocks if it's still good...push the car up and down..if it's bouncing good..shocks are still good...check the treadwear of the tires..see if the car has proper alignment...just check little things like that...and im sure that you will be more than happy with the celica that the avenger that you have now......welcome to TN by the way..:thumbup:

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go easy on the clutch, but shift quick and hard - to test the synchros..

listen to the exhaust tone for any sputtering, chocking.

How much play in the steering?

How are aesthetics? Rust, interior, paint. Look under the floormats, etc...

Last thing to consider, how will you be driving this car - if you do some work on it, it will take some serious abuse, and if you treat it as your baby instead of beating the crap out of it infront of your friends, she'll love you back more than you ever thought possible...

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look at the coolant for nasty water or rusty water, check the oil and see if the oil filter is just as dirty as the motor, look around the engine compartment for hacked up wiring and big oil leaks and funny smells, get in and start it up, look for lites, get back out and listen to the motor before it warms up for noises. The s blocks are famous for pistons slapping when cold but nothing ever happens to them, listen to the motor before the oil lite goes out for alot of clattering, some is normal. Is the motor sitting still or rocking around, hhmmmmm? Look for rust in between the front wheel and the door and around the windshield, now go drive it, does the clutch feel normal and goes into each gear without crunching? get into a parking lot and stop, turn it to the right and take off, any noise, do the same going left? :clap:
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