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New headunit!!!!

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i couldnt pass it up :) my friend was gonna sell me his headunit for a pretty cheap price well like i am i had no cash so i traded him my psp (which i never play) and 5 games for it :) its a JVC KD-LX30 or also known as a JVC Kameleon II. All the buttons and knobs hide away on the inside of the reciever and when i press the power button on remote, they all slide and come out.. its sooo cool :) haha but anyways this means i can undue my crappy wireing adapter job in my trunk and finally run RCA cables to the new deck :) im installing it today after school and ill take pics and a vid to show u how it works :) Sorry but i just had to tell everyone and soon to show everyone the new deck i just got :)

heres a pic of what they look like even though its kinda crappy pic lol
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Cool just dont loose the remote:)
simlar to my brother old school awia.. but after while the display feature stopped working. not showed up but still work.. but now its long gone.. lol
i will take pics tomarrow its ive been to busy tryin to get the damn thing in... although its all in and works great! i still have to

Hide my rca wires again to my amp in my trunk

and make a panel that raps around the headunit
(u know the panel that holds the cig lighter and all that that when u pop out it reveals thebolts)

Yea that doesnt fit ^ its off by just a lil bit and will not work no matter what i tryed today soooo anyone else have this problem? i may have to make a custom one :(
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