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New here!

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Hi all. I just picked up my new 2006 Highlander. I love it. My only question is what is the current version of Navigation System out now? I am figuring I am probably 2 years behind since it is a 2006 (manufactured in 2005?). I will be heading to the service department soon so they can hardwire my XM RoadyXT and can ask then, but I am impatient and thought I would ask here...
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Be sitting down when you price the software upgrade to your NAV. My wife's RX330's NAV update would cost over $300!!! What a rip-off. That's why she's still using her original version. All it is is an updated DVD that fits into a "hidden" player somewhere under the load floor or in one of the quarter panels. There are some for sale on eBay, but that's too risky for me, as I heard that there are some defective disks out there, and Murphy's Law says that that is the one that I would buy <grin>.
I agree with not taking the chance with ebay, but I did figure as mush on the price. I just need to find out what the current version is to see if I even want an upgrade. I was told that skipping years doesn't mean you have to play & pay catchup when you decide to upgrade. Hopefully that is true and I can upgrade only every few years. I just want to know how far behind I am...
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