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Hi Im mike. Owner of a 1987 camry wagon. Its the 3sfe 2.0l 2wd. I am new to the field of toyota but enjoy cars and especially working on them. Currently Thomas (my kids named him) is off the road while I replace his Head. Was run hot and had some cloged water jackets so I am rebuilding teh engine. But hey 150k miles isnt bad to start with right? I look forward to talk to you all and Learning this new system.
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be careful resealing the oil pump
Welcome aboard, ThomasToTots.

be careful resealing the oil pump
Any more info on this?
I will be careful thankyou for advice. I also have a mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 which is surpriseingly similer layout. so I have some practice.
Holy cow, if you can keep a 3000GT VR4 running, the Camry shouldn't be a problem. :eek:
unfortunitly the 3000 isnt running right now. rear main seal put oil on clutch, we were moving so wife made me drive it. Burned clutch then the disc exploded. luckily only damage was a hole in transmission bell houseing. but I took the opertunity to take motor out new rings new plugs new wires little stuff .
Try this link:

Head service write up and pictures (but text is in Spanish)
Welcome to the club! And no, 150K miles isn't a bad long as the rust hasn't started, the old wagon should last you another five years easily...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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