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New HIDs and Intrax Springs - PICS

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So i finally got around to installing my intrax springs and KYB Struts. I couldnt be any happier! :)
Car sits nice and low and the front is pretty flush with a 2 finger wheel gap with my 17's. Best part is, the rims dont rub at all. The only issue ive run into is the inner fender on the front left corner hits the ground when going around turns too fast.
The HIDs are from They are 6000K hi/lo. They fit very nicely and are very good quality lights. There is glare, but ive painted on eyelids that help cut it off a bit.
Let me know what you think!

More pics will be up soon!
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nice work....nice car...i'd pass on the racing strype!
my clear coat was really bad on the trunk lid and roof, so the stripe was painted on temporarily to cover it up haha

3SGTE swap and new silver paint is coming within the year.

more pics are to follow
nice i saw the updates of facebook. i finally accepted your friend request on there didn't realize who it was.
haha didnt know who it was till the camry was my profile pic? hahah
Wow looks nice good job. Love the HID's
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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