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SFA Yota pickups
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Hey guys name's Al. Got my first yota at 14 i'm now 17 and have 4 i still want more haha. Living in Washington if anyone wants to go wheelin hit me up i run elbe, reiter, tuhuya, and evans creek all the time.

And now heres the trucks

My daily is a bone stock 84 with beautiful mint interior and decent exterior, very little cancer. Keepin it all stock and original

And the trail rig another 84 got a little body damage and only about half of the cosmetic parts it should have. I swapped in a new motor (short block 22r for more torque) bobbed the bed 12" and the frame 4" put some chev 63" springs in the rear, mixed rears up front, welded rear diff, rancho 5000's, poop pipe snorkel (through firewall up inside the cab) 33" tsl's, warn m8000. It's a work in progress about 1/10 of the way done haha

Few action shots:

I also got a beater 80 2wd pickup (7' 8" long bed ftw)
It's in the left corner there

And finally the 91 tercel
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