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2003 matrix xrs
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Hi All,
Found your link sometime ago. Decided to introduce myself. I'm Claude and I'm from Montreal. I bougth a Demo Matrix xrs with 20,000 kn on Sept 9, 2004. Fully loaded.
CAI, TRD gilles, TRD muffler, tinted windows, Chip, lowered suspension, etc. The car is fast.
I had lots a problems starting up with the car due to a very bad dealer. They did not prep the car up to Toyota specs. Like the Driver side lower valance which was danggling. And not to speak about the upper dash anchors which were broken and they had to replace the whole upperdash. As well as the drivers side document holder which was just hanging by a thread. Window moldings, and not to speak of a miss in the paint under the passenger side door latch which cost me over $1700 due to bad workmanship. But all in all it is an excelent car. I made a somewhat unique car rack to carry my racing canoes and it work perfectly. I can get to a race events efficiently and fast. I mainly travel to the States or Ontario. Quebec roads are 15 years behind as they are like trails which are ideal for you 4x4 lovers. So there off limits for me. Next mods are TRD clutch, Short shifter( hesitating between TRD or TWM (any suggestions???, brakes and brake lines (must be steal braided and am still looking), deadening the car and then a decent sound system, Hella horns (did find an excellent instal on this site but they had to drill holes which I am dead against, on the opposite side of hood latch. there are already two symmetrical holes which awaits my new horns). Needs a new set of summer rubber. Probably go with Toyos or Goodrich G-force. Like my car to look sleazy from the outside.
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