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new member buying 1st tacoma

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will be buying first tacoma. - for my wife. i have a f350 4x4 powerstroke.

truck will be short box double cab 4x4 with the following options

FE - 50 state emmissions
OC - TRD off road pkg #1
TO - towing pkg
EJ - jbl stereo w/sub

question is on pricing. sticker will be coming to 30,818 and was told invoice was 28,254 which is the number they are quoting. i will be ordering this truck. they are mentioning some toyota tmf fee which they state it's on every toyota and that fee is 763.

this is a little different than when i ordered my ford as the dealer made their money on the retention fee ford gives them to basically finance the truck while it's on the lot. sell sooner, dealer gets more of the fee. sell after so long dealer starts paying ford while truck is on the lot.

any help would be appreciated.

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How many dealers have you tried to get pricing from?

Getting close to invoice is a good thing.... but.... I would definately poke around at other dealers and see who's willing to compete. Also - don't walk in there and expect to buy something. Give the dealership time to think about it. They'll call you back and maybe bargain further.

Also - question the *holdback*

And if you can't get anything from 'em - atleast ask for some accessories....

My own experience last March - my 2007 TRD sport had a list of $29, 500 (something like that) and I got it for $26,450.
will be shopping multiple dealers. took me 4 months to buy my ford. just wanted to know how toyata operates and if the 28k number was a good number for those options
the only differences between the truck you want and my '06 is that i have the sport package plus air bags and dtrl's. i paid $100 over invoice, which was around $27,4XX. after TT&L i paid about your MSRP price. i think there's room for you to negotiate a lower price.
I've definitely seen worse around here, but have also seen better. It's hard to compare at times since it seems some regions sell at a premium compared to others. The dealers in my area all had a "regional fee:preach:" of sorts, kind of like your "TMF fee." The funny thing was that all of them quoted this as a different price:rolleyes:. Just focus on the out the door (OTD) price or at a minimum get a bottom line price + tax, title, license :eek:rder:. I don't give a crap if they call the fee "strippers & blow for Vegas:smokin:"...all I care about is OTD $. That's all you need to care about and let them know that. Otherwise they'll try to stick you with add-on fees all throughout the sales process. If you get an OTD $ you can raise the bullshit flag:bullshit2 every time they try to stick you :rtfm: with another "mandatory :jerkit:"fee that you hadn't previously discussed.

If you're near a large market contact the internet or fleet managers for all dealerships. This will let you get a feel for pricing and who is willing to give you a good price without wasting time getting stuck at a dealer for hours on end. Some of these departments will be willing to negotiate and others give you their "best" price. You can get a feel for this over the phone. Target the dealer you think you can get the best deal from. If things go bad, you can always fall back to #2 without starting your leg work all over.
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right now 2 of the 8 dealers have come in with OTD pricing around 30,000 give or take 100. that's ttl, truck, etc. I have no trade in as I'm not giving up my stroke 4x4 and wife's saturn will go up to the lake so she has a car up there. This truck will be for her. will wait on other dealers but I appreciate the info here. mods on this truck...went through all that with the stroke...way too much $$$ tied up in that....but boy will it run :D
Based on your last post, it sounds like you already have a solid approach. It's hard to tell sometimes based on an initial post with limited space for info. If you can't tell, the folks that talk about getting their truck for below invoice but don't realize they've paid $3K in "fees" will get me on my soapbox.
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