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hello all,
im new to this forum and i really have started a liking for the mr2s. although i currently dont have one, im sure its in the near furture.

a lil about myself,
i currently own a 99 Acura integra GS, which i love to death. i have a few mods on her. i love the hondas but i think i have crossed over to the dark side... haha. now although i got the mr2 builds on my mind doesnt mean i have dissed all my integra bros.

lil off topic but whats this about integras being slow, that is soooo not true. maybe in stock form but a moded integra can really become a beast. so if you really want to learn about the competition check out

primerally i got into mr2 because of the rwd aspect of the car. i wanted a sport compact that is inexpensive with rwd and weight in the right places, and the mr2 fits in just right.

everything i have learned about integra engines ill try to apply to mr2s, and any question about them all be happy to answer as best i can.

not to try to run over my own foot but, im going to run an Mr2 into the nines on the quarter. and all of you can be my witnesses.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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