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Hi everyone - Been lurking for a bit, and finally jumped on a Tundra for a 3rd vehicle - to use primarily to tow my 18' (3500lb) camper in the summer, and other general truck stuff (tow boat, get wood, dirt, etc). I live in a salt state (Syracuse, NY). I plan to only put probably 10K miles a year on the new addition to the family.

I finally found this 2005 DC, 4.7l V8 SR5 with the TRD package for within my budget. Basically a 1 owner (he's owned it since 20K miles). It has 220K miles, and has no real body rust (a few paint chips), and only some minor rust on some of the frame. It was checked by a local Toyota dealer, passed, and "treated" a couple years back (2014).

Newer tires, newer brakes, runs great and drives great. Here's what I know about maintenance:

Valvoline Synthetic every 5K
Ran a K&N filter in it 90% of the time (hes giving me the filter with the kit)
Had a new cat-back exhaust 2 years ago
New front coil-overs 6 months ago
New rear shocks 6 months ago
Aligned and checked out at that same time.
Front rotors replaced (OEM) last year or so.
Transmission fluid was changed at 100K, was not changed at 200K
Diff fluid changed at 150K
Timing belt was done at 120K, coolant at same time

Power steering pump is on the way out, loses pressure at idle and very hard to turn sometimes. Drives fine, and makes the classic "power steering whine" of a bad pump sometimes. Fluid is full, but does leak from the pump a bit.

Checked Toyota site with the VIN and most of the major stuff lines up with service records. Has 2 outstanding recalls (for airbags). Frame recall was done in '14 (Frame OK, sprayed, etc).

I already bought the truck. I could not refuse for the price, which was not a "steal" but a really good deal. He was going to trade it in, and just basically was willing to part with it for trade in difference.

I don't really plan on using it much until spring. So when I first get it home I plan to take it to Krown rust control and have them hose it down with their rust prevention oil stuff.

So far I plan to order a PS pump asap, and since the timing belt is due I plan to order the ASIN kit and get that done at the same time. It also needs one gas tank strap replaced, so I'll have a local garage that does a lot of toyota stuff do all this for me at once.

In the spring I plan to pull the box off, clean up any rust, and spray it all with rustbullet. Then do Line-X bedliner on it, and maybe replace the (slightly bent) tailgate.

What else should I be looking for/checking/doing on this thing? Like I said, its a 3rd vehicle for now, so I'd like to get it all gone over by spring (camping time). It really runs nice, and I love it so far. First full-size truck I've driven in a long time the I feel like I "fit" in. They are all so huge with big tall angular dashes now. I hate that. Love the interior, and the rear seat is huge and comfortable!

Thanks for any advice!
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