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I'm new to this forum today, and just took delivery on a new 2006 Corolla CE with automatic. I bought this car instead of something else for the following reasons: Toyota reliability, resale value, very smooth and quiet ride, smooth shifting auto transmission, EPA mileage figures of 30 / 38.

I noticed in the owner's manual that the license plate bulbs should be replaced by a Toyota dealer. Mine don't need replacement, but it seems silly to take it back to the dealer just to have a license plate bulb replaced if you have average mechanical ability.

I saw a couple of references in this forum on how to replace them when the time comes. Would someone who's actually done it please verify that you must remove the trunk lid lining, exterior lamp assembly holder ( the part above the license plate, painted body color ), trunk lock, and then finally remove the lamp housings just to replace a burned-out bulb?
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