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Anshu said:
interesting, in custom kicks?

These will go in the doors. I think I've pretty much ruled out a 3 way setup unless the Legatia 3" Midrange will somehow fit in my tweeter opening, I doubt it though.

Audiophile on a budget
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Yeah, I've been eye-ing that Legatia for quite some time now -- mostly for installation ease.

I'm not quite sure it'll like the 140 watts or so I'd be throwin at it... Unless it were rated for 70 watts a 8 ohm.. Hm...

You should try and fit the Morel's -- just for shits and giggles. You'll be the 1st person to have 10 inch mids and a 1 inch tweet. :lol:

Ever given some thought to modifying Q-forms to fit a pair of mids? Possibly some 5.5"s or 6"s? I'm sure that'd be a helluva lot more flexible as far as a 3-way setup goes.

If not, you really should fork over the few hundred bucks for fiberglassed kicks -- you'll thank yourself later on.
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