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New modifications for 4afe

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thanks for the info guys on the toyota engines it really helps , i have another question has anyone tried to modfy the throttle body and if you installe an electronic fuel pump does this help in power gain for a 4afe, efi 1993 engine .

if i take the head of the engine and cut a little bit of it to have more compresion i will have a gain in HP because i will have a shorter stroke right , but does this reflect the car tempresure do i have to install a new fan to maitain the notor cool
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Adding a more powerful fuel pump wont add power, fuel will just pass through the fuel pressure regulator back to the tank. ECU controls the injection timing. Also take note that only adding fuel will only cause your engine to run rich, thus decreasing power.

No your engine wont have a shorter stroke if you skim the head. Your stroke will still remain the same, your combustion chamber volume will be smaller, thus the piston will have to compress the fuel air mixture in a much smaller space. Downsides are, that the engine will have to do more work when the piston is in the compression phase, although it remains tolerable due to the added power.

No your engine shouldnt run hotter, thermostat controls engine temperature, not the fan.
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