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New Moto Metal 955s on 2010 Tacoma

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Just put some new Moto Metal 955s on my 2010 Tacoma... Details:

- 17 x 9 wheels (12 offset)
- No lift on truck
- No spacer
- Stock tires (265/65R17)(want to upgrade these soon)

These wheels look tough. I have seen another Taco with a different Moto Metal style and they look great also! I highly recommend these wheels if you are not looking for a pure chrome look.

PS - I will be trimming my mud flaps this weekend.
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Those wheels look nice for sure. I have the mostly black 951's myself.
I was on the fence between the 951s and the 955s. Either way I couldnt have gone wrong! So far I love them.
Look'en good time for a lift and some meats
A more aggressive looking tire will make those things "pop". I like how far they extend from the fenders....Whats the offset?
Offset is 12.... and yea, I need to put some new meaty tires on those things!
Those look good. I have been looking at those for myself.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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