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New Non-Toyota Catalytic converter - check engine light

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I just bought an 03 Tacoma 4x4 2.7L with only 55k miles.

The previous owner said he had a local shop replace the catalytic converter with a non-toyota part.

He said that the dealership wanted $2700 to fix the problem. Shortly after the shop installed the CAT the check engine light came on and stayed on.

Should I just order the Toyota part and be done with it? It's $975. Pretty steep. I got a really good deal on the truck even with this problem. Thanks for your help!
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Have a store (schucks / autozone etc will usually do this for free) pull the codes for the Check Engine Light, if you don't have your own code reader. Odds are you'll find an O2 sensor out of spec.
Some cheapo aftermarket converters are junk. Most are a fraction of the size of the original converter and therefore cant clean up the exhaust enough to keep the check engine light off. If the code is still for converter efficiency then that aftermarket cat is more than likely the problem. This is becoming more of a problem on newer cars due to the software in the computer having stricter tollerences for whats acceptable. If you want no more problems go with the dealer part. If you dont want to spend that much then shop around for a brand name direct fit part from a well known manufacturer that will offer you a warranty on it.
Thanks for the advice. Do either of you know of good name brand aftermarket part? Is it common to have your own code reader?
Ok, I have some more details for you guys.

I had the codes checked. It basically said my catalytic converter is not working properly.

I looked under the truck. It's obvious that a muffler shop cut the stock CAT out with a torch and welded in a generic one-size-fits-all CAT. Obviously, the ECU doesn't like it.

The Toyota CAT is $800 or so. Have any of you had any luck with any certain brand of aftermarket CAT? I am going to get a bolt in replacement. Not one that is just welded in and isn't for any particular make or model.
Either way when it comes to converters your rolling the dice with any after market ones. We generally just recomend the OEM ones these days to avoid any issues and agravation for us and the customer. Dont know if it will make you feel any better but some of these OEM converters are thousands of dollars. Some aftermarket suppliers are Bosal, Walker. If you go aftermarket definatly go for the direct fit/bolt in type.
The Toyota CAT is around 800 online. I think I am going to roll the dice with Magnaflow for 220. I am going to see if I can send it back to them if it doesn't work properly before I buy it.

What are the chances of me finding a used one somewhere? Are they hard to find because people steal them?

I cut the cats outta my 03 2.7 and they are in good shape just no pipes on them at all just the catz. I will let you have em for $110 shipped. US shipping only :D. I got a simulator from In Oklahoma we dropped the inspection so I dropped the catz and installed a high flow. yes you will have to have the cats welded in.
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