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wassup toyota nation, im kind of an old member i sighned up in 05 but neva really posted anything but im new because im just starting to come on here more often. i own a 2001 corolla LE automatic. it was my first car after i graduated high school. after finding out the aftermarket selection was extremely limited i kinda gave up on it and got into hondas but kept it as a daily driver. just last year i hydrolocked the motor (dam CAI sucked in water) and knocked a hole in the block. i was gonna get rid of it but my friends and fam told me to keep it bcuz it was a one of a kind, somethin u dnt see everyday. so i decided that if i was to keep it i wasnt goin to put a regular 1zz back in. so i got with monkeywrench racing and ordered a built short block with high compression pistons and knife edged crank, soon as i find the time to do the swap i will... i guess that is all for now lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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