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As the name suggests I like my chevy trucks:saythat:. I have had my fair share of rides. Including my present rides.

1964 Chev Impala SS: Engine - 383 stroker: Trans - 4spd Muncie Unit: 4:11 - posi rear

1966 Pontiac Lemans: Engine - 350: Trans - TH700R4 - 4spd Auto: 3:73 - one wheel peel rear :jerkit:

1984 Chev Truck ShortBox: Engine - 350: Trans - TH700R4 - 4spd Auto: 3:08 - one wheel peel :disappoin :lol: rear

1986 Chev Truck ShortBox 4X4: Engine 350 (mild build): Trans 4spd (granny low):eek: : NP205 Transfer Case: 4:11 - posi rear w/ front locker:rockon:

There is also a rusted old 84 Blazer used for daily road abuse.

But now we come to the New - Old 1993 Toyota Tercel:bowdown: :lol:. It's been around the block a few times (174K):banger: It's hit 3 deer:dunno: But I do know it's history . I've maintained it since it had 30K. All the brake jobs. Tune Ups. Including fixing 1 deer hit.

I plan a full fix of it (again) since I own her now. Try some go fast parts and see what she can do. Heck it'll be alot better on fuel then my current daily abuser.

Anyway see ya around. CTD
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