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'91 MR2 Turbo
1991 MR2 Turbo
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Hello All-

First, thank you to all who contribute to this site! I've found it to be very useful when researching for modifications and best practices. I hope to contribute as I learn more about this car.

For about 3 years I have wanted a MKII Turbo. Alas other priorities have taken the MR2 out of limelight, but as of Sept 15, I have one to call my own. A 1991 MKII Turbo, Black T-Tops with 45K original miles and without a lot of modications. It appears to be very well cared for as evidenced by all fluids being fresh, interior is perfect, paint looks very good, and overall it runs very well. This one does not have power steering or leather, but it does have A/C, premium stereo, ABS, and foglights.

When I purchased it, the car was bone stock except for Lenso 17" rims/Dunlop tires, an Eclipse DVD/NAV CD system, and an ATS TD06 turno kit with Tial wastegate and downpipe (main cat removed). The turbo was replaced by the prior owner as a recommendation by the dealer, but in reality I think the stock CT26 was fine. The owner complained of hesitation...looks to me like the ground cables were shot and the rotor/cap was well past replacement time.

I've put about 3K on it this fall, but it is now "under construction" in the garage for the winter (too much salt here in Ohio). My other rides are an '05 4Runner, a Yamaha FJR1300 sport-touring motorcycle (capable of 155mph--1/4 mile in 11.02, yet still comfortable enough to ride for days on end) and a Yamaha dirt Bike ('05 YZF250).

I have several mods planned for the duece...nothing too extreme...mostly a little more performance and reliability.

First things first--the fluids looks fresh, but I'm going to change out everything. I've bled the brake system, but will also do the clutch fluid , MT oil, coolant, and engine oil. I've already Seafoamed the gas, intake, and oil (engine interior).

I already rebuilt the rear brakes (new rotors/pads/clips, Goodridge lines) as this was one item that was worn out (looks like the pads were not installed properly). It also needs a new antenna assembly as the internal gearing is stripped.

Mods to do this winter:

-Hyperground system (already completed, just need to install the battery to engine harness)
-Complete sound deadening (interior has been removed already)
-Polk db6500 component speakers in front
-ATS TB intake
-New plugs/rotor/wires/cap (already completed)
-New vaccum lines all around with T-bolt clamps
-7.5" Spal fan on intercooler
- Engine lid fan
-Intercooler piping heat shiedling
-Clean throttle body and MAF
-Check voltage/resistance of electrical components
-TwoRus MBC
-Homemade FCD
-hardwired radar detector and cell phone charger
-XM radio
-Rust removal on underbody
-New radiator cap
-heatshield on wiring/cables
-New emergency brake cable (already completed)
-Clean up battery and connections (completed)
-Steam clean carpet
-Replace as many coolant hoses as I can get to
-Replace fuel filter
-Autometer Boost and voltage guages
-Keyless entry with turbo timer (maybe remote start??)
-TwoRus shifter kit

Probably a few other items I'm not mentioning.

I'm hoping by the end of March it will be roaring again. My username reflects the sound this car makes...the wastegate dump pipe is open, making a "WOOOLLLFFFF" sound (not to mention the larger turbo). :cool:

Anyway, glad to be part of the community! Thanks for reading this far and hope to contribute to the board.

Any comments as to other "must do" mods for reliability performance are appreciated!!! Im hoping to get around 230RWHPO and a much quieter cabin. For now, I like the stock suspension and likely will not change anything there until something wears out.

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How many miles on the car? Sounds like you've put quite a bit of effort into figuring out what you want to do. Look forward to hearing about the results :)

We wanna see pics!

'91 MR2 Turbo
1991 MR2 Turbo
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THanks for the comments guys.

MRQ-Thanks for the welcome. She's not slow now set at 12psi (supposedly) I agree 230hp shouldn't be a problem. I was planning on setting the boost to 14 or 15psi.

Gairloch- Had 45.3K miles in Sept. It now has about 48.5K miles. Looked real hard to find a lower mileage example (traveled about 210 miles to get it). I absolutely promise pics in the spring!! Right now the car is in a million pieces as I do mods/fixes and check for rust.
And yes, I have done some planning on mods, but when it's done it will be done right and without regrets.

If you want to see a pic of the raw metal of the interior, just say the word! :lol:

Company-Yea, that's what I kinda want. But I already have an XM and really like it. Have another year on the contract at cheap rates, so will probably mount things so I can easily (that's a relative term now!) change it out if needed.

Keck- Point well taken. Aside from hitting some awesome hilly twisty roads in the country with every imaginable type of turn (which I know well due to riding motorcycles on them for the last 10 years) with a moderate amount of aggression, I really have not tested the limits much at slow speeds. Mostly just commuting or highway trips, or spanking boxsters from light to light :D . Just kidding, I am not into street racing. Unless it's a civic...or miata. :saythat: Then again, it's not really a race now, is it??

Thanks again for the welcome!!
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