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Been awhile so here are a few pics of my car. I am in the process of completely redoing the interior. I have already replaced the headliner with a black one and am getting ready to change all of the plastic peices on the roof to either vinyl or painted black peices. Also I am getting ready to have my bodykit repainted. The front really needs it, and so do my sides and rear. But anyways here is 2 pics.. Need some more ideas for my interior conversion..

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i like the wendy's cup! :thumbsup: does it add horsepower???:lol: where the gauges at?

interior looks like it's coming along fine.. you don't need any advise keep doing wat your doing.
wash your car? that's all the advice i can give. :dunno:
where did you get that gauge pod?
looking good :), yea ur front lip needs washing / painting...
gauge pod was from a group buy a bit back,
I know I need to wash it.. I had just driving 300 miles when I took that pic. Oh well.. and the gauges are coming soon..
BIGGIE SIZE WENDYS CUP= 15 HP... So you all need to go get one for your car...
are the sides and rear the erebuni kit? got front/side shots so you can see the rmm lip and the side? what drop do you have?
Nice, I'm regretting not getting a gauge pod.
Where did you get the headliner?
The sides and rear are currently the Razzi kit, I am debating on switching to something else, just not sure what I want. They are actually off of the car right now.

As far as the drop is concerned I have H&R Springs.

I had the headliner done custom down here. I had a small tear in my headliner so I had them replace it with the black one. It is a nice soft headliner. I will probably have them replace my carpet with black carpet in the next month or two.

Yea I had two sets of the pods till Yukio bought the second one from me. They are sweet, just need gauges.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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