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New pics

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Haven't sone much in the last 3 months though.
Big Files too.

In red finally.
Now just some coilovers in there and I'll be happy:D
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Very nice :thumbup:
Looks hot! :thumbup:
Very Nice! I can tell that is some quality paint work. Good Job.... BTW are those two piece rotors or are they spacers? Also what side skirts are those? I like them as well.
looks good, i hope your going to get some hood pins. are you done with under the hood project you had going?
damn, thats pimpin, how much work was it to install?
sweeeeeet man, damn such a tempting color. Great choice! check out my Sneak Peek thread and tell me what color u suggest for rmy car
hot hot
Any plans on painting the skirts/ getting a rear bumper?

I looked in here just to see your Roll Cage. Looks so much better when the car has paint. Last time, your car looked like shit but the roll cage was pimp. :thumbup:
:eek: Give us more info on the brakes:thumbup:
I think those are Rotora brakes from Taiwan. Supposedly they make a kit for Camrys
Do the boxes under your side skirts scrape the ground much?
very nice looking!!....keep up the great work.

:thumbup: :thumbup:
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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