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New Pioneer Head Unit

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OK so I just bought a new Pioneer FH-X720BT and was wondering if any of you have gone through the installation process of this head unit. Do I need to purchase any new accessories to install it and if you guys could me give any speaker recommendations that`d be great.
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I have the predecessor to that. the FH-X700. For the price, nothing else can really beat it. I got it on sale for $119. I had the choice of a Kenwood and this Pioneer. I went with the Pioneer because the reviews seemed to be better.

It does really punch above its weight. I have the stock 6-speakers XRS comes with and this head unit actually makes them sound 10x better than with the stock head unit.

I remember, I had to purchase the wiring for the bluetooth phone mic (about $25) and the bracket in which the stereo will be encased since the stock head unit is bigger than this Pioneer one so they need an adapter bracket to make the stereo fit. That was another $30 or so.
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